MS Green Background



The whitest shade of green

Maine Gloss Green and Satimat Green are environmentally
responsible papers produced with 60% recycled fibres and
40% FSC
® certified and controlled fibres. The "whitest shade
of green" delivers superb environmental credentials without
compromising quality. This fibre combination also offers very
high whiteness and excellent printing results.


Discover all the unique benefits of
Maine Gloss Green and Satimat Green:


  • Perfect printability  ensuring smooth and trouble free performances on presses
  •  Suitable for Digital printing: HP Indigo certified and compatible on dry toner digital presses
  • Fast drying time: low ink rub minimising turnaround times
  • Ensuring a low impact on environment: 60% recycled fibres, FSC ® certified, EU Ecolabel, NAPM 50%, limited carbon footprint, use of genuine European waste paper
  • Brings out the best in the printed image for a recycled paper, same whiteness and printed results as virgin fibre papers