Books  & diaries

The quality and shade of paper you use needs to be carefully considered, especially if you are seeking to produce a book or a diary which people will treasure and want to use all year or keep on their bookshelf.

  • The budget

    Cost should also be factored in, to help you decide if you are producing a premium, designer or mass market book or diary, and you can then plan its content, print and finish to suit your company, the product and your budget.

  • Environment 

    Antalis offers a broad range of certified and recycled products. Are environmental credentials important to you? If so, there are a variety of paper options to help you meet this need. Ensure all of your papers are made using pulps from well managed forests, so you can be sure the papers you use have a socially responsible chain of production – from the trees used to make the pulp all the way through to the printer.

    > Recommended Products:  
    Cocoon  – Eural – Conqueror 100% Recycled