Annual  Reports

How you print and present your Annual Report is of high importance and the paper you use can help to reflect exactly the right image for your company.


  • The choice of paper and board mix

    The vibrancy of colours, feel and tactility of your Annual Report will impact on the paper(s) to use – choosing the right one will help create the brochure you desire. Full colour images combined with Text - glossy papers are best for printing full colour images, but it may be better to use a modern, uncoated paper, as this will help when reading the text. Their qualities will also help to give high quality reproduction of images. The paper(s) you use inside may be different to the ones you use for the cover, so you need to decide if they should match or be contrasting. If contrasting, you need to make sure they work well together and give the desired look and finish to the Report you are creating.

    > Recommended products:
    Recycled: Cocoon Recycled or Cyclus
    Creative: Rives – Conqueror – Olin – Print Speed – Keaykolour – Rives – Curious Collection

  • The printing choices

    Will you produce your Annual Report using conventional print methods or with digital press? Digital methods allow you to personalise each copy, adding even more value to the information you are sending to share holders. Papers for digital print are becoming more widely available. However, if you are using HP Indigo machines the papers you use may need to have a special coating. It is always safer to check if the paper(s) you are proposing to use is certified for these machines. Take into account any special print finishes you may want to incorporate. These include embossing, thermography, foil blocking, varnishing and die cutting.

    > Recommended products:
    Digital: Digigreen – Arjowiggins Digital Range
    Coated Papers: Claro Gloss & Silk – Novatech Gloss & Silk
    Uncoated Papers: Print Speed – Olin

  • The delivery

    How are you going to distribute your Annual Report?  If you are planning to send it by post, decide if you are using window envelopes or labels to address them and, don't forget, that size, thickness and weight will impact on the cost of postage. These are important as they will be the first thing your investors will see when receiving your latest Annual Report.

  • Environment 

    Are environmental credentials important? If so, there are a variety of paper options to help you meet this need ensures all of our papers are made using pulps from well managed forests, so you can be sure our papers have a socially responsible chain of production – from the trees used to make the pulp all the way through to the printer.

    > Recommended products:
    Cocoon – Eural – Conqueror 100% Recycled